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  I’m not a girl who has it all figured out, and I don’t pretend to be. Even at my heaviest, I was never really unhappy with how I looked ...

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What is Coaching? Get a Sneak Peek into my life as a coach!

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Win Over $100,000! Take The Beachbody Challenge™ for the motivation you want and need to get fit and then you can win big! It’s our health and fitness contest that ...


Shakeology- A Skeptic’s Review

I was raised in a house where you didn’t take more than ...

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True life changing results and new outlook on life are right at ...

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Try Shakeology risk free by ordering your free samples today! I would ...

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Chocolate Pumpkin Muffins

So, funny story: these delicious muffins started out as a failed attempt to make pumpkin sugar cookies. I was determined to get it right, and the batter just wouldn’t turn into dough. So, as a last resort, I threw it in some muffin tins and baked them for 22 minutes. The result? Even better than […]

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Halloween is here! Your kids costumes are picked out, you have parties planned at work, church, and school, and you’re totally ready for all of the festivities! While this can be SUCH a fun time to celebrate, it leaves a LOT of people stressed about their goals. Maybe you’ve been working really hard on your […]

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Pumpkin Spice Bread Loaf

  You may or may not know this about me…but I am OBSESSED with Halloween and all things fall. Maybe it’s because my birthday is the day after (All Saint’s Day, of course! :D), maybe it’s because I can’t turn down a good reason to wear a costume and play dress up, or maybe it’s […]

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Red Bean Gumbo

I grew up in a small, south east Texas town that closely borders Louisiana. My mom and my dad’s families are both Cajun. The cuisine that comes out of that area is something that I have craved and missed since the day I left to be with my husband and live around the world as […]

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Spicy Burrito Soup

Taco soup has ALWAYS been one of my favorites! But, let’s face it, it’s kind of hard making it plant-based diet friendly. I was seriously craving it yesterday, though, and started coming up with ideas to substitute ingredients. What resulted was this amazing masterpiece, full of delicious goodness! It doesn’t really resemble a traditional taco […]

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